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the South Atlantic Web Server


Apache web server running on a 500Mhz intel, 512 RAM, 2 x 40 Gb Drives, optimised to maximise performance.

Operating System

Red Hat Linux


2 independent OC-3 networks to independent ISPs (This is fast!).


Server located in Seattle USA.

Electrical and Power Systems

All power in the IDC is passed through a fully redundant Liebert 1000KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system with two 500KVA parallel UPS. The UPS system feeds five Power Distribution Units (PDU), which feed all network and systems, and critical office areas in the facility. The Internet Data Center's Physical Security consists of seven layers, to include 24/7/365 Security Staff at multiple internal posts, Access Control Systems, Electronic Perimeter Intrusion System, and Video Surveillance.

Environmental Systems

All Data Centers use Liebert HVAC systems. The air conditioning system is zoned into four self-contained areas: (1) the Computer Room, (2) the UPS and Battery Rooms, (3) the NOC and office/common spaces, and (4) the Telecommunications Room. Each of these zones is supported by 8 to 20-ton under-floor (e.g., the conditioned air is forced and vented under the raised flooring) Liebert Series 3000 Air Conditioners, and augmented by a 40-ton Trane System located on the roof for supplemental air forced through ducting above the ceiling. Current total capacity is 268 tons.

Fire Suppression Systems

A FIKE Fire Suppression System (Halon 1301) is the primary system providing coverage for the UPS, Battery, Telecommunications, and Computer Rooms.
A Pre-Action Sprinkler system is the secondary fire suppression system for the Computer, Telco, and UPS/Battery Rooms with a double interlocked, supervised, dry system using a deluge valve controlled by an electric release systems and pneumatic system pressure. The electric detector system must actuate and a sprinkler must fuse before water will enter the system. The office areas are covered by a wet-pipe Sprinkler System. All are tied into the building Fire Control Panel for Central-Station monitoring.

Water Detection System

A Raychem TraceTek Water Detect System is deployed throughout the Computer, Telco, and UPS/Battery Rooms.

Raised Floors and Seismic Stabilization

Located on the ground floor, the entire facility employs an 18-inch DONN All-Steel and SolidFeel Raised Floor Panel System with seismic stabilization throughout. Floor panels are Severn Model 75, rated for a concentrated load of 1250 lbs.


The key to security is "security in depth". The Physical Security Program consists of seven layers, to include 24 x 7 x 365 Security Staff located at multiple posts, Visitor/Escort Control procedures, Access Control Systems, Electronic Perimeter Intrusion System, and Video Surveillance.

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