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Registering a good domain name is an important task. Your domain name is the key to your Internet identity. Registering a domain name which is appropriate for your business will drive visitors to your site. However if you register a domain name which is inappropiate for your business, it will drive visitors away from your site.

An excellent resource to guide you in choosing a good domain name can be found in The Domain Guide Book web site.

How to transfer a non .AC or .SH Domain

To transfer your existing domain name to our server (i.e. .com .org .co.uk etc), you will need to contact the company you originally registered your domain name with and arrange to transfer the Domain Name Server (DNS) to our our Name Server.

The company you registered your domain with will require the following information to transfer your domain:

Nameserver IP Address


How to register a FREE new .AC or .SH Domain

Top Level Domain Name:

The Top Level Domain (TLD) Name for St Helena is .SH and Ascension Island is .AC. (i.e. www.yourname.co.sh). Tristan da Cunha does not currently have a TLD and may use either .SH or .AC.

Second Level Domains - Non-residents:

Free hosting can only be offered to non-island individuals and non-profit organisations that run web sites completely dedicated only to St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha.

Non-residents can only use .AC or .SH with the the Second Level Domain (SLD) ".nom" i.e. www.yourname.nom.sh or www.yourname.nom.ac. Registering domains such as www.yourname.co.sh is not possible.

Type www. Name SLD TLD
Non-island Internet Sites www. yoursitename .nom .sh/.ac


Second Level Domains - Residents:

Residents of St Helena and Ascension Island have exclusive access to the Second Level Domains (SLD) .co .com .org .net .mil .edu and .gov (i.e. www.yourname.co.sh or www.yourname.org.ac).

Type www. Name SLD TLD
Commercial Company www. yourcompanyname .co .sh/.ac
Commercial Company
(not commonly used)
www. yourcompanyname .com .sh/.ac
Non-profit making organisations www. yourorganisationname .org .sh/.ac
Government Departments & Agencies www. department .gov .sh/.ac
Educational Institutions www. educationalname .edu .sh/.ac
Internet & Network Service Providers www. ispname .net .sh/.ac
Non-island Internet Sites www. yoursitename .nom .sh/.ac
Paid-for Internet Sites www. yoursitename   .sh/.ac

Island residents may also use the Second Level Domain ".nom.ac" or ".nom.sh".

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